Fatemeh’s interest in art goes back to her school years. Every time she saw a piece of artwork, she loved to learn how to do it herself. Finally, at the age of 18, she started going to the calligraphy class in her hometown, Tehran, Iran. After a couple of years, she was awarded the highest achievable degree of calligraphy in Iran, Master of Calligraphy, by Iranian Association of Calligraphers.
At the age of 20, she started painting by doing some sketching. Since then, she became more and more interested in painting and decided to step up and learn how to paint as a professional. She got degrees in color theory and application, and pattern design.
Soon she realized that her passion is watercolor. She started learning watercolor from the best Iranian watercolor painters at the time.
Getting better and better, she started to have her own students and teach watercolor to them. She had her first student when she was 30. Ever since then, she has had hundreds of students in watercolor in all ranges, from 3 years old, to 85 years young. Some of her students now have their own classes and teach watercolor.
“I love all sorts of art, from calligraphy, to acrylic. I do most of them from time to time, but my true passion is watercolor. When I mix color and water, when I put my brush on the paper, I find ultimate peace and comfort inside me.” — Fatemeh Kian
She moved to Oklahoma, United States in 2015. There, she started teaching watercolor at the only art center the city had. Soon she was invited to teach watercolor at the Family Resource Center of the Oklahoma State University, Oshe Lifelong Learning Institute, and the city’s only mosque.
She moved to LA in 2017 and is an active member of the Valley Watercolor Society since then. She has had a number of exhibitions and live demos and has won many awards